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Bass Pro Shops is a massive retail store that sells a variety of things for the outdoorsman.

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November 2013 – January 2015 (1 year and 3 months)
  • Worked on call for various departments
  • Worked line control on Black Friday amongst other holidays
  • Displayed and sold photo packages using POS
  • Operated camera rig for Christmas and Halloween photos
  • Repaired any issues with on-floor games
  • Operated a carousel according to amusement park guidelines
  • Demonstrated and instructed children in activities involving airsoft guns, fishing rods, and bull ropes
  • Set up, tore down, unstocked, and restocked all holiday decorations from varying locations around the store
  • Unstocked and organized shipments from trucks in the warehouse
  • Moved and reorganized the entire apparel department
  • Restocked and did inventory for the hunting department
  • Cleaned and reorganized the fishing department
I had heard great things about the company from friends that had worked there, including them being really forgiving about working with class schedules. It was exactly the job I needed at the time to pick up a few extra hours of work between college classes every week.
I had already gotten a job with a technology firm. I worked both jobs for a little while, but I had already graduated, and wanted a full-time position. I could have moved up the ranks at Bass Pro, but I am not a big outdoorsey person, and I felt much more at home doing tech support and writing code. I informed my superiors that I would not be returning after the holiday season. I left in early January, right after Christmas had been packed up.