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GameStop is a chain of retail stores that sell video games, video game merchandise, consoles, and 'nerdy' collectibles, figures, and apparel.

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April 2018 – September 2020 (2 years and 6 months)
  • Advise guests on current and upcoming games titles
  • Stay knowledgeable on game titles, consoles, and features
  • Inform guests of current and upcoming promotions
  • Work the POS to check-out guests with either cash or card
  • Handle trade-ins and returns of games and consoles
  • Answering phones, checking stock, and holding product where applicable
  • Running inventory checks of in stock product
  • Facing products, sorting game cases, and folding shirts on the floor
  • Assemble store display units for expansion and reorganization of product
  • Follow district plans for new layouts of products and displays
  • Assembling statues and figurines for display in store before purchase
  • Format pre-owned consoles to be picked up by future guests
  • Assist in taking in and running inventory on new shipments to store
  • Assist in changing over marketing material, (posters etc.) for new game releases
  • Handle opening and closing procedures, and closing cash counts/bookkeeping
After leaving my last job, I needed something to pay the bills. I enjoyed my time in retail, but wanted to do it in an environment talking about something that I knew about, and that I was passionate about, unlike the fishing/hunting/camping environment that I was in previously. Video games fit the bill for that.
Although I enjoyed what I was doing, I knew this wouldn't be a permanent position for me. I much prefer more of a support role with more emphasis on troubleshooting and finding a workable solution, and less emphasis on sales goals and meeting metrics.