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Room441 is a home business I started to design and host websites. It is owned and operated solely by myself. The server is in my own home off of my IP address. It was originally just intended to cut my own hosting costs, and allow for experimentation for server-side scripting languages, but it turns out that the need exists for others as well. I have designed sites for others through the Room441 name, as well as partnering with other web designers through Room441 when they have extra work, or need additional help or specialty elements.

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May 2015 – Present (6 years and 9 months)
  • Design and host websites for a number of applications.
  • Dealt with client demands, and revisions.
  • Send invoices and follow up on past-due billing.
  • Preform server maintenance quickly, and in the middle of the night to avoid down-time.
  • Deliver a final product to meet specifications within the time-frame.
  • (Sites range from raw HTML, to WordPress, to custom designed templates, and a custom built PHP CMS.)