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ViewSonic is a display manufacturer, specializing in computer monitors, projectors, and large format displays for the education, and commercial sectors.

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September 2020 – Present (1 year and 5 months)
  • Answer phones and emails with customer inquiries.
  • Help customers looking to purchase new products understand stats and product information.
  • Help customers looking to purchase new products by looking up stock and expected inventory shipments.
  • Help customers calling in with new purchases in setup and troubleshooting products.
  • Advise customers on what additional hardware purchases or software downloads would be required for their specific individual setups.
  • Verify and submit warranty claims for faulty products under warranty.
  • Act as contact between customer and sales team in order to distribute lead to correct geographical region.
  • Act as contact between customer and level two technical support for issues requiring escalation.
  • Navigating between over half a dozen different administrations to accomplish above tasks.
I loved the aspect of my job interacting with customers, but didn't love the sales metrics goals. I thought that making them happy with their purchase was more important than up-selling. I decided that an ideal position would be helping people troubleshoot issues and helping them to find solutions to their problems. This is the reason that I started looking at customer support positions once again, and this is what I, in part, found through this company.
There are certain jobs that you realize that you are just not a good fit for. Even after learning the tools, processes, and procedures, I could never quite find my rhythm. I always seemed to be falling behind on tickets compared to the other agents. I thought it was something that I would be able to become more efficient at, but that never turned out to be the case. My desire now would be to return to the website development field where my passions lie.